How is it the "calçotada" in EL JARDI?
  In our house we want that it was not only one more dish, but a "party" on which surrounded with our relatives and friends, we would spend unforgettable day, without haste, turns and schedules. You will enjoy of the calçots baked with vine shoots of the pruning of the vines of the previous year, the calçots cultivated on our grounds.
So, the principal base is the quality, starting by the calçot, where Pau looks after of his harvest, up to coming to the table, we serve the calçots on the tiles, it is typical of a good calçotada.
   Its sauce is also one of the most important elements. The calçot is already completely exquisite, trying and trying, my mother and me, we obtain this palate, which makes remember during the long period to many calçotaires,
the calçotada of the Restaurant El Jardi.

LIVE THE BIG HOLIDAY OF THE CALÇOTADA!! We serve some salads to share, Catalan sausage, artichokes, potato and lamb to the ember, we serve the lamb with a few mud casseroles with ember inside, so you will be able to enjoy a lamb always warm. As desserts we serve the Catalan cream as our grandmothers made, you cannot miss it, because it is the most adapted dessert for this Great Holiday, The Calçotada. Wine served with bottles of beer, wine-cellar of the Jardi, Coffee and liquors as the complements of this meal.
  We, Pau, MªAssumpció and Eva, want to thank all of our clients, friends and futures, because without you the Restaurant El Jardi, it had not had the happiness and the illusion that we have had till now, and for that wait in a future.
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