Event Menu

Hors d’oeuvres:
Olives, potatoes, whip, salted almonds

First courses: 

Carpaccio of codfish
Stroke of Cod
Hors d’oeuvres of EL JARDI 
Shrimp cocktail with fruits
Salad of caramelized Goat’s milk cheese with raisins, toasted pine nuts and honey vinaigrette

Main courses: 

Kid dipped in batter 
Charcoal-broiled entrecôte(with Roquefort cheese or green pepper)
Fricassee of Veal with assortment of mushrooms
Duck preserve with candied pear 
Cod au gratin with raisins and pine kernels
Angler (fisherman style or charcoal-broiled) 
OPTIONAL: Sherbet of lemon 
Cake of the celebration


Wine “BLANC PESCADOR”, Red wine, water, Catalan champagne of EL JARDI
Coffee and liquor