A small history of the house of MªAsumpcion situated in Salomo’s heart, in the church square, C/Prat de la Riba, nº 9.

It is necessary to notice that three generations of the family devoted themselves to the works in the fields. The place now occupied by the restaurant, was a place where my father guarded the tools of the field, his car, his mule… Later my father left this activity because of his age.

My husband Pau and me, we worked from 1963 up to 1985 at Barcelona, at the sector of the catering, in 1985 we decided to turn to the village, to Salomo, and to leave what we had in Barcelona, to begin a new life, living with my parents, and then we decided to transform the house El Jardi into The Restaurant El Jardí de SalomóThe inauguration was celebrated in 1987.

We began with the idea of making only “calçotades”, but later, encouraged, we also offered the menus for all kind of celebrations all the year round. Nowadays we continue to work every day, with Menus of weekend (out of the season of calçots, that goes from November up to April), we serve menus every day all the year round and have the special menus for all kind of Celebrations.

A long tradition around the “calçotada” already exists in the village of Salomó.