Our calçotades are exclusive and different with a good taste of mouth for all those that test it. And we achieve it thanks to the care that have at the time of elaborating them, beginning for the calçots that are of own harvest, Pau an of the proprietary is who cultivates them, and that gives a toc distinctive and of quality to his calçotades. They cook to the fire with sarmentsof cep of the previous harvest and serve how commands the tradition, with teules. The home-made sauce with which accompany them is original of the house, and the recipe is a familiar secret.

It accompanies with salad, llonganissa, xai, artichokes to the brasa and potato to the ember served with casserole of land. And wines of the land. To finish the dessert, a Catalan cream of the delicious house and liqueurs.

Our calçotada

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